Cosylab announces a new initiative, the ArrowFast Medical Device Engineering, which empowers startups to develop their new medical devices faster and more efficiently, solves complexity behind the development and helps to bring the end result – a certified medical device on time.

An experienced ArrowFast team helps startups plan, develop, and certify medical devices in time and within a fixed budget while allowing the innovators to focus on their innovation and clinical benefits to improve patient outcomes.

Igor Rogelj, Head at ArrowFast, explains: “Our purpose is to speed up innovation in MedTech and to enable prompt reactions in unpredictable circumstances such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the last 20 years, we have established effective processes to develop and certify new medical devices. We can get startups safely and quickly to their next milestone and beyond, be it the next round of financing or entering the market.”

Moreover, ArrowFast works closely with VCs investing in MedTech startups, from the pre-investment phase, all the way to the exit of their startups reducing risks and accelerating startups’ time-to-revenue. “Now, medical devices startups and VCs have a partner they can rely on every step of the way”, ads Rogelj.

Mark Plesko, Chairman at ArrowFast and CEO at Cosylab, concludes: “As a world leader in providing control systems for most complex machines, such as nuclear accelerators and cancer therapy systems, we have found ourselves in a unique position to help innovators bring their innovations to the market faster. Given our extensive experience in medical device engineering and regulations, it was only natural to create ArrowFast and offer our expertise to all the emerging medical device startups out there.”