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How will a New PET Scanner Disrupt the Medical Imaging Industry?

We spoke to Dr. Jannis Fischer, CEO at Positrigo, and Dr. Max Ahnen, COO at Positrigo about the inspiration for developing a brain PET scanner for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.

ArrowFast Supports Positrigo AG in Development of PET Scanner for Affordable Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer

ArrowFast, a medical device software and solution provider, is helping Positrigo develop a compact brain positron emission tomography scanner.

Where to Meet us in Person?

A schedule of events and shows where we can meet in person, if all goes well, of course.

Cosylab and VIPUN Medical to Improve the Outcomes of Critically Ill Patients

Cosylab announces a new partnership with a medical device startup, Vipun Medical.

How will COVID19 Change Healthcare and Medical Technology spoke to Head of ArrowFast Igor Rogelj

ArrowFast Empowering Medical Device Startups for a Faster Market Entry

Cosylab announces a new initiative, the ArrowFast Medical Device Engineering, which empowers startups to develop their new medical devices faster and more efficiently, solves complexity behind the development and helps to bring the end result – a certified medical device on time.