MedTech Chats: Niek Schreuder talks about bringing innovative solutions to the medical device market

Interview about the take on MedTech innovation and what it takes to bring an idea through the development of a medical device and sell it successfully.
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Igor Rogelj from ArrowFast speaks to Niek Schreuder, CSO at Leo Cancer Care, one of the pioneers of proton therapy, about his take on MedTech innovation.

Specifically, what it takes to bring an idea through the development of a medical device and then sell it successfully. 

We invite you to listen to what he has to say:

  • It’s inspiring;
  • It’s very useful, and
  • There is not a lot of moments when medical device startups can get first-hand words of wisdom for their path to developing a new medical device.

Which questions were answered?

  • Niek, would you kindly share with us what it was that made you decide for a career in medical physics? And specifically, what was it that made you choose proton therapy?
  • Can you share with us your experience of bringing a new medical device to market?
  • Do you see a big difference between, introducing a new robotic device, which effectively automizes the positioning, which is not the paradigm shift, it’s just automation in a way, compared to another device, getting rid of a gantry altogether, and make the whole proton therapy completely different?
  • So, what do you think are the biggest hurdles and pitfalls for medical device startup?
  • What were your biggest challenges on your innovation path and how did you approach them?
  • What was the most rewarding thing about commercializing your innovations?
  • Looking back, is this something that you would have done differently, now, in your new ventures? Specifically, on your innovation path in medical device development?
  • How did you find your partners? I mean clinical partners, technology companies, who have been working together, alongside on your projects.
  • Where do you think proton therapy is evolving from where it is now? What do you think is the next big thing?
  • Moving more on a personal side, what’s your measure of personal success?
  • What would be one, most important, advice that you would give to a medical device startup? A new group that is starting an innovation?

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