How will COVID19 Change Healthcare and Medical Technology spoke to Head of ArrowFast Igor Rogelj, about how COVID19 will shape the medical industry and drive innovation. Which are the questions that were answered?

  • How do you see the healthcare changing in light of the COVID19 pandemic?
  • At this moment, it seems that recession is inevitable, if not already happening. Yet, every recession or crisis leads to innovation. What kind of innovation can we expect to see in the Medical and MedTech industry?
  • You said that the change would come both from the top-down and bottom-up. Who will be the driver of the innovation from the bottom down?
  • What kind of companies, products, and solutions can we expect to see spring out from the pandemic?
  • What do you think will be the most significant roadblocks companies and startups can expect when they try to bring their new solutions to the market?
  • How do you hope to contribute to helping innovation in MedTech?

We invite you to read the whole interview here.

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