ArrowFast Supports Positrigo AG in Development of PET Scanner for Affordable Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer

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Brugg, 20 July 2020 – ArrowFast, a medical device software, and solution provider is helping Positrigo develop a compact brain positron emission tomography scanner. The new PET scanner ‘NeuroLF’ will be used for efficient, low-cost early detection of brain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s Disease. PET scanners make it possible to provide patients an evaluation of the risk to develop Alzheimer’s Disease more than 10 years before the symptoms appear.

Positrigo is building an affordable device that will be by order of magnitude less expensive than the current PET scanners. Furthermore, its affordability and compact design have the potential to extend the scanner’s application to multiple fields of use.

“We were looking for an imaging medical device specialist with the capabilities to help us deliver a very complex medical product, comprising Electronics and Software, without compromising for quality, safety, and performance. We chose Cosylab’s ArrowFast for their track-record in medical device systems, their broad skill set in radio-oncology, and their battle-tested medically compliant development processes. We are confident that in a partnership with ArrowFast we can bring our PET scanner to the patients faster”, explains Dr. Jannis Fischer, Positrigo CEO.

“We are honoured to be chosen by Positrigo as their technology partner. Venturelab positioned them as one of the 10 Swiss MedTech startups to watch in 2020, and Drs. Fischer and Ahnen were on the Forbes list “30 under 30” in Science and Healthcare 2018. They also received the prestigeous EIC Accelerator grant (up to € 2.2 million), . . . it is our privilege to be entrusted to participate in a project with a potential to disrupt medical imaging”, ads Igor Rogelj, the Head of ArrowFast.

About Positrigo
Dementia is a major problem in our aging societies costing nearly a trillion USD worldwide per year. Treatments are on the horizon, but an affordable and widely available diagnostic technique is still missing. Positrigo’s brain positron emission tomography system offers functional brain imaging to everyone at a fraction of today’s cost. Based on a prototype developed at ETH Zurich, Positrigo strives for the certification of it’s imaging system NeuroLF as a medical device under CE and FDA regulations, and to enter the markets by 2022/23.

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