ArrowFast at AUTOMA+ Online

Meet the ArrowFast team, Diego Casadei and Conor Slater, at this year’s AUTOMA+ on 27 and 28 September 2021 online.
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Meet the ArrowFast team, Diego Casadei and Conor Slater, at this year’s AUTOMA+ on 27 and 28 September 2021 online.

The AUTOMA+ Healthcare edition has a goal to connect innovators in the healthcare industry and to contribute to further development of ongoing digital health trends such as cyber security, AI and robotics, workforce development, and more. 

Diego Casadei, ArrowFast & GM of Cosylab Switzerland explains: »As technology improves, I find that healthcare automation is moving towards more software-driven solutions due to their flexibility. However, this flexibility comes at a cost. These solutions must still satisfy all medical regulations and so they become more complicated to implement correctly and safely. 

This is where partnering with ArrowFast can give you a huge boost. We have been developing software solutions for complex systems for 20 years and we know our way around the medical software development arena«, he adds.

The ArrowFast team is looking forward to meeting other industry leaders from hospitals and other healthcare providers, governmental bodies, institutions, medical device manufacturers, start-ups, and others, to share best practices and discuss business opportunities.

About Our Team at AUTOMA+

Diego Casadei has a PhD in Physics and a long record of successfully completing risk-averse projects, like space instrumentation. He is the General Manager of Cosylab Switzerland that owns the ArrowFast trademark, which offers a wide range of engineering services in the medical domain. 

His hands-on experience in project management, system engineering and quality assurance is all visible in the attention to detail with which he supervises the medical projects and supports his team, focusing on the digital stack (from electronics design and embedded processing, to high-level software engineering) in the development of medically certified smart devices.

Conor Slater holds a Ph.D. in Robots and Manufacturing and has personally spent over CHF 3M on new product development. At ArrowFast, he works as a Medical Device Design Consultant helping clients identify product and know-how requirements and connecting them with the solutions to bring their product to market.

Conor has helped clients ranging from a startup of one person with a dream to a multinational serving billion-dollar markets and would be delighted to hear about your new products in development.

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