A Brain PET Scanner for Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s

We spoke to Dr. Jannis Fischer, CEO at Positrigo, and Dr. Max Ahnen, COO at Positrigo about the inspiration for developing a brain PET scanner for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s,
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We spoke to Dr. Jannis Fischer, CEO at Positrigo, and Dr. Max Ahnen, COO at Positrigo about the inspiration for developing a brain PET scanner for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, challenges they were facing, plans for the future, and how they see the MedTech industry.

What was your inspiration for developing the “NeuroLF” PET scanner?

A couple of years ago, Dr. Alfred Buck from the University Hospital of Zurich came to us with a vision, namely to image everyone. His idea was to have a small brain positron emission tomography brain PET scanner for functional imaging to assess the personal risk for diseases like Alzheimer’s in people at risk. We now have a prototype of this device, and we want to bring it to market soon to realize this, which is also Positrigo’s vision of IMAGING EVERYONE.

What will the PET scanner bring to the medical imaging industry?

What we want to achieve in the future is to actually realize our vision. Give this machine to thousands of patients, and hundreds of doctors like Dr. Buck too, in the end, have a world without Alzheimer’s. 

What challenges have you faced in the development process so far?

The technical challenges are very high in such a medical imaging device. That’s also why we try to partner with the best!

Why did you choose ArrowFast as your technology partner?

We chose Cosylab’s new ArrowFast initiative because we were looking for a strategic partner with which we can realize, and actually design and develop the ultra-complex machine that we are dreaming of building for the future. We were always amazed by the competence that Cosylab and the ArrowFast initiative people bring to the table. And there are not many people that can do that, at least as far as we can tell.  And that is why we ended up here.

ArrowFast and Positrigo team

What are your aspirations for the future?

To take the company from zero to one: NeuroLF into the US and European markets by 2022/23.

How does it feel to be announced as one of 10 Swiss MedTech startups to watch in 2020? 

Great! We are super honored. Venturelab has been such great support over the years and continues to deliver for us Swiss startups.

How do you see the MedTech industry?

We see it as leading candidate for the most important industry in the world, by size, by impact. That’s why we want in.

Which three things would you suggest to other medical device startups?

Try, adapt, and overcome!

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