Igor Rogelj, MBA

Head of ArrowFast

“At ArrowFast, we are committed to help medical device innovators and start-ups commercialize their inventions fast, using our top medical systems engineering. We are a team of 200+ experienced and highly-skilled medical device experts, hands-on engineers, scientists, and medical experts.

We engineer medical devices within a strict regulatory framework, to certification. We work in small multi-disciplinary teams, closely with our partners; we thrive in technical challenges.


ArrowFast & MD Cosylab Switzerland

“Switzerland hosts one of Europe’s leading MedTech hubs with a cluster of medical and life science companies of all sizes. Swiss medical domain breeds innovation talent and enviable skill base that combines with progressive Venture Capital investment climate. These are key ingredients for the long-term growth of MedTech innovation in the country.

The ArrowFast task force is an initiative of Cosylab Switzerland, which can count on the know-how of experts from many countries and can provide support to our partners worldwide.”


Chairman ArrowFast & CEO Cosylab

“Our healthcare is changing during this fight with the corona-virus. New ways of delivering healthcare will be required amid future epidemic outbreaks to protect our society and the economy.

We have formed ArrowFast to make top engineering talent available for rapid commercialization of new devices, and to facilitate the creation of novel healthcare delivery models.

Let the innovators focus on clinical benefits and patient outcomes, while ArrowFast engineers concentrate on bringing their medical devices to life, in time for the patient


Head of Compliance & Lead Auditor

“Time and time again we see that start-ups underestimate the complexity of regulatory pathways leading successful medical device certification. Regulatory frameworks are well structured, yet complex, and their navigation may prove to be as much an art as it is a science.

This is where experience makes the difference. ArrowFast engineers have been steering medical regulatory avenues for over a decade, and have built an efficient practice with smart tools and techniques that have been making a difference for medical innovators.”


Director of Engineering, ArrowFast

“Reliable engineering is one of the key factors on the path from innovation to the certified medical device. Our in-house engineering team brings together 10 years of engineering and innovation experience in the field of medical device development across startups and tech-giants.

We are proud to share the passion and enthusiasm with our partners by guiding their ideas through all the stages of the product development life-cycle.”